MVP Sports Tour’s (“MVP”) Program is subject to the following terms & conditions:


Application Process. When MVP receives your completed Application and deposit, we will confirm your enrollment by sending you a confirmation letter.  We will then send you additional forms, including MVP’s medical form, Acknowledgment and Assumption of Risks & Release and Indemnity Agreement, risk and/or release forms required to be signed for MVP’s outside contractors. These forms contain important information about the program activities and associated risks, as well as your and APPLICANT’S responsibilities. Please read these forms carefully and complete and sign as required. APPLICANT’S final acceptance to the program is contingent upon MVP’s receipt, review and approval of all forms.

Group composition, Travel arrangements and Rules.  MVP cannot guarantee minimum size ratios. I authorize MVP and its representatives to make arrangements, accommodations, rules and regulations they may deem advisable, in their discretion, for the well-being and welfare of all APPLICANTS. APPLICANTS are expected to comply with all MVP rules and regulations.

Fees and Terms of Payment.  Please see our website for total trip costs and exclusions.  Payment covers the cost of lodging, meals as indicated, ground transportation, group activities, and internal flights where indicated (flights other than to the trip starting point & from the ending point).  Tuition is based on costs including fuel & foreign exchange rates as of September 8, 2017. Although we do not expect to change our advertised fees, we reserve the right to do so in the event of increased costs, including, but not limited to increased fuel costs.

Additional Costs. I understand that MVP does not engage personnel qualified to provide medical, dental, health or other similar care or services to APPLICANT. Therefore, I agree to pay all costs and expenses incurred directly or indirectly by MVP for this care or other expenses incurred for the well-being of the APPLICANT.

Non-Discrimination.  Although MVP will serve as a male-only trip at this time, MVP does not discriminate in their admissions policies on the basis of race, color, religion, national or ethnic origin, sexual orientation, age or disability. MVP is not, however, a program for those with severe mental, physical or emotional difficulties. I agree to inform MVP in writing, before or in conjunction with this Application, of my child’s current or past history of counseling and/or psychological or similar therapy for behavior issues or behavior modification. I understand that I have a continuing obligation to inform MVP in writing of any new instance of counseling or therapy occurring after MVP’s receipt of this Application, but before program departure. MVP reserves the right to refuse admission to programs, in appropriate cases and any such refusal or removal of a APPLICANT for conditions that were not or insufficiently disclosed will be without refund.

Image Permission. I authorize MVP and its representatives to take and/or use my or my child’s photo, video recording or testimonial in any manner it desires, for advertising, display, publicity or other use without compensation.

Lost, Stolen or Damaged Property. MVP and its representatives shall not be responsible for an APPLICANT’s lost, stolen or damaged personal belongings.

Cancellation, Return and Insurance.

  • I understand that I may withdraw this application by written notice received by MVP at any time before February 1, 2018 and receive a full refund. Application withdrawals received by MVP after February 1, 2018 result in a cancellation charge, based upon the date of cancellation, as follows: from February 1 to April 1: $500; from April 1 to May 1: $1000 plus any non-refundable airfare; from May 1 to June 1: $2000 plus any non-refundable airfare; from June 1 to before applicable departure date: the greater amount of 50% of trip fee or $3000; plus, any non-refundable airfare. Cancellation from departure date and after is without refund. (Trip cancellation & interruption insurance is strongly recommended.)
  • MVP reserves the right to dismiss any APPLICANT from the program that staff believes, in their discretion, presents a safety concern or medical risk, is disruptive, or otherwise conducts him or herself in a manner detrimental to the program.
  • If APPLICANT is dismissed or departs from the MVP program for any reason, no refunds will be granted. No refund is given for any unused tour features, whether because of APPLICANT’s choice, bad weather or other reasons. I am responsible for all costs of early departure, whether for medical reasons, dismissal, personal emergencies or otherwise.
  • MVP reserves the right to cancel or change the program itinerary, location, dates or duration, for any reason, at any time. MVP is not responsible for costs incurred by families in preparing for a program that is altered or canceled.

Completion, permission to participate and applicable law and venue.

I have accurately completed both the front and back sides of this Application and have read, understand and agree to the Terms & Conditions outlined above. I agree to review all program materials sent and to complete all required forms by the deadlines due. I give permission for my child to participate in all MVP program activities whether conducted by MVP or MVP’s outside contractors. I agree that this Application and all other aspects of my and my child’s relationship with MVP will be governed by Florida state law and that any dispute must be filed or entered into only Palm Beach County, Florida.

This Application shall be binding upon MVP only when a letter of confirmation is returned to me.